Holiday Orders

All Holiday Orders will be accepted thru December 20th for pick up by December 21st at 5 pm.

January 3rd I will start filling all orders placed after December 20th

To place an order or if you have a question please e-mail: vinyllinedesign@yahoo.com


Christmas Card Holder

A  very cute Holiday Card and Picture holder.
Can be personalized with different paint and paper to fit your Holiday Decor.


Ho Ho Ho Blocks

These are my newest version of my "HO HO HO" blocks.
They are on 2x4 Blocks.
 Finished price $10(everything shown, paper may vary)


Harvest Projects

Pumpkins can be left up throughout fall and are really festive.


Halloween Sign

Sign from my craft days 12x12 board $13

Spooky Blocks

Super cute spooky blocks for Halloween!

Give Thanks Stackers

My newest additon to the fall collection.
E-mail me for prices


LDS Young Womens Block

This cute "Modest is Hottest" block turned out really cute at our craft days.
e-mail for price


Halloween blocks

Some cute blocks that I have available at craft days as well.
Project kit ( Includes: paper, wood, and lettering)$ 3
finished $9


Daughter of God Glass Block

A precious gift for a special little 8 year old on her baptism day. This is on a glass block with a rectangular space cut out on the top so it can be used for tithing or just a piggy bank with a nice message for your Daughter of God.

Oakland Temple on glass block

The Oakland Temple on a glass block with "for all time and Eternity" in gold lettering above the picture. Different Temples and quotes can be used upon request.

Thomas S. Monson Quote on Tile

A Thomas S. Monson quote elegantly dispayed on a tile. You can use and favorite scripture or quote as shown here.


4th of July Wood & Vinyl Firecrackers

O, here is my June/July special, soo cute!!!! These are a couple of 2x2's with "Snap", "Crackle", "Pop" on them, with some wire at the top. I accented each block with red stars!!! I am so excited for this one.
Complete: $25 ( includes: wood, vinyl, and glitter wire)

Cultural Block " WELCOME"

One of my dearest friends was over tonight and we made this 3x10 block for her family to show their Samoan Pride, it translates to "Welcome "

11 x 14 Calendar on plexiglas

This is a super cute 11x14 calendar on Plexiglas, hung with raffia from a iron handle. Really cute idea for super saturday.
Complete Cost $14


Thomas S. Monson Quote Board

This board turned out super cute!!! The board is painted a really cute brown, sanded and routered all around the edge. I used beige vinyl and super cute font!! I thought it was a great thing for super saturday, and I can't wait to see how all of the sisters board's turn out.


Heritage Photo Wall

I made this saying and put it on my wall dedicated to our family tree. We have pictures from over 2 generations back on this wall of our families. It is a really neat photo wall have to remember your heritage and this saying completes it.


March Special for National Craft Month

For National Craft Month I am Selling My Calendar for $25 with the Plexiglas. It is 18x24 and the vinyl is on the reverse side so you write on the top layer, never writing on the vinyl itself.


Stick Figure Families

I am now making Stick Figure Families. They are all interchangeable and so much fun!!! These are super cute on your car window or even on a plaque in your home. Express your family with these fun and cute Stick figures.

Pricing is as follows:

Infant: $2
2 1/2"tall

Child/Adult:$5 4"-6"tall

Pets: $3-$4

Family Name: $5

Names:$2 each


New Shower Door Monogram

This Monogram Decor is a great way to add flair and uniqueness to your bathroom, photo wall, window, family plaque and so much more. A great wedding gift that is unique and personal.
$10 for a 12"x12" monogram in Black.


Poka-Dot Room

Dots...Dots......and more Dots.....!!!!!
These circles are all cut out of different shades of pink and different sizes. I randomly put them up all over the room from 4 feet up....to keep little fingers from taking them down. You can easily accent in white or purple to make it feel ALL GIRL!!!

Bathroom Vinyl

A cute and simple quote that adds just the right touch to your bathroom decor.

"Powder Room" can be applied to any bathroom door, or you can customize the saying per decor.


New Wall Sayings

Sweet quote that can easily be place over a headboard in a bedroom.


After trying to design a calendar for my friend I came up with this and thought it was super cute. It is on a sheet of Plexiglas and you can use dry erase markers on it! You could put it on a glass with a cute frame if you wanted to, but I thought the Plexiglas was cute. We drilled holes in one and hung it from a metal scroll/ handle using ribbon which turned out amazing.
To order or for pricing e-mail me @: