4th of July Wood & Vinyl Firecrackers

O, here is my June/July special, soo cute!!!! These are a couple of 2x2's with "Snap", "Crackle", "Pop" on them, with some wire at the top. I accented each block with red stars!!! I am so excited for this one.
Complete: $25 ( includes: wood, vinyl, and glitter wire)

Cultural Block " WELCOME"

One of my dearest friends was over tonight and we made this 3x10 block for her family to show their Samoan Pride, it translates to "Welcome "

11 x 14 Calendar on plexiglas

This is a super cute 11x14 calendar on Plexiglas, hung with raffia from a iron handle. Really cute idea for super saturday.
Complete Cost $14


Thomas S. Monson Quote Board

This board turned out super cute!!! The board is painted a really cute brown, sanded and routered all around the edge. I used beige vinyl and super cute font!! I thought it was a great thing for super saturday, and I can't wait to see how all of the sisters board's turn out.