Poka-Dot Room

Dots...Dots......and more Dots.....!!!!!
These circles are all cut out of different shades of pink and different sizes. I randomly put them up all over the room from 4 feet keep little fingers from taking them down. You can easily accent in white or purple to make it feel ALL GIRL!!!

Bathroom Vinyl

A cute and simple quote that adds just the right touch to your bathroom decor.

"Powder Room" can be applied to any bathroom door, or you can customize the saying per decor.


New Wall Sayings

Sweet quote that can easily be place over a headboard in a bedroom.


After trying to design a calendar for my friend I came up with this and thought it was super cute. It is on a sheet of Plexiglas and you can use dry erase markers on it! You could put it on a glass with a cute frame if you wanted to, but I thought the Plexiglas was cute. We drilled holes in one and hung it from a metal scroll/ handle using ribbon which turned out amazing.
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